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Casey McDonald


Staff Information

Hiring policies require all staff members be fingerprinted and criminally cleared through the Alabama Bureau of Investigation and Federal Bureau of Investigation. These fingerprints remain on permanent file. Each staff member is required before employment begins to have on file in our office the following documents:

  • Current copy of a valid Driver’s license
  • A formal copy of social security number
  • Mandatory Criminal History Check Notice clearing prospective employees of any criminal history or child abuse and neglect charges
  • Positive Suitability Determination letter from the ABI and FBI
  • Three positive references forms
  • Written verification of education
  • Medical report signed by a doctor clearing prospective employee for employment

The entire staff have been provided with a positive Suitability Determination Letter from the Alabama Bureau of Investigation and the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

In addition to background checks and personal history that the state and federal government supplies us with on each employee, it is our personal policy to hire the very best teachers available. We look for extensive experience, character, education, integrity, past employment history and above all, a true love for children.

Sunflower Station Preschool is licensed to operate through the Alabama Department of Human Resources and the City of Huntsville.

Compliance and evaluation checks are done annually by the Alabama Department of Human Resources to ensure Sunflower Station Preschool is meeting or exceeding all State laws and requirements. This compliance and evaluation report hangs on our lobby bulletin board for your review.